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Musical Analysis & New Arrangement

Hi together,

please let me share my new arrangement for solo piano of the hymn „Von Guten Mächten wunderbar getragen“ and some thoughts about why we should do musical anaysis in general.

Download the sheet music here: Von Guten Mächten – Solo Piano (Note: the intro section meter has been changed to 5/4)

Download a lead sheet here: Von Guten Mächten – Leadsheet

Why should you do chordal/functional analysis on any piece:

  1. Understanding the chords enables you to learn any piece faster and memorize it much easier.
  2. Understanding the functions tells you how the piece works all together and in case the score drops of the piano you will be able to know what chords come next continue the performance.
  3. Understanding patterns helps in your own music a lot and each piece you decoded gives you something new for your toolbox.