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Goal setting time – start little but aim high

Hi my (raw) (vegan) friends !

It is again that time of the year – January – everyone has some goals to be achieved in the new year and there are some lessons I’ve learned in the past I would like to share with you regarding this to support you to not only aim but also achivieve.

  • It is totally fine to aim for the highest possible, never think by default that this or that is impossible, because it IS possible, you just need to set the correct mindset.
  • Write down your goals, on a sheet of paper, on your phones background image or on your whiteboard. Ideally a place you see lots of times each day.
  • Lets say you now have set the goal to take cold showers each day, then apply the start little paradigm – first start showering hot and switch to cold for 1 minute, then 2 minutes and sooner than later your entire shower will be cold – amazing, isn’t it :)
  • Review / track your goals – just make a little table as in the sample below, this will motivate you.
  • Be precise – use your phones / smartwatch’s stoppwatch
Goals February 201901.
Shower 2 minutes coldYYY
Jump on the trampolin 5 minutesYYYY
Meditate for 5 minutesYYYY
Eat 1 raw vegan meal a dayYYYY

Please take some of the above goals into accout for yourself!

So go ahead, set your goals and JUST DO IT. Also apply the principle K.I.S.S. – keep it simple and stupid and keep in mind to NOT argue you need this and that and that and so on – just use what you have and do something, thats always better than doing nothing instead.