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Leica M9 M9-P ISO comparison (entire ISO range)

Hello Internet,

some time ago on a rainy day I was a little bit bored and decided to do a little comparison over the entire ISO range of the M9. On the left you see shot wide open @1.4 and on the right @5.6. This is in no way a scientific test. (Lens used: Summilux 50 1.4 ASPH)

Just click the little kitties to see the full size crop of them.



f1.4 ISO 160 f5.6 ISO 160
f1.4 ISO 200 f5.6 ISO 200
f1.4 ISO 250 f5.6 ISO 250
f1.4 ISO 320 f5.6 ISO 320
f1.4 ISO 400 f5.6 ISO 400
f1.4 ISO 500 f5.6 ISO 500
f1.4 ISO 640 f5.6 ISO 640
f1.4 ISO 800 f5.6 ISO 800
f1.4 ISO 1000 f5.6 ISO 1000
f1.4 ISO 1250 f5.6 ISO 1250
f1.4 ISO 1600 f5.6 ISO 1600
f1.4 ISO 2000 f5.6 ISO 2000
f1.4 ISO 2500 f5.6 ISO 2500