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Nik Software – Snapseed for Mac

Hello Internet,

how are you all? Its weekend again and today I want to write shortly about Snapseed for Mac from Nik Software. You might already know the application from your iPhone/iPad. Its very intuitive and easy to use on the iOS platform with a touch of your fingers. So is the experience on the computer as well – basically the same user interface.

You get the application from the Mac App Store at € 15,99. The price is pretty fair for the power under its hood. The results you get out of it with only a few clicks are somehow amazing. By experimenting a bit you get great looking pictures which you can directly share via E-Mail, Facebook or Flickr. If you save to the hard drive the files get renamed like Filename_Snapseed.jpg. The app runs in Lions full screen mode as well.

So let me share some pictures I edited using it. All 3 images have been made in about 10 minutes and I really like the results.

Here you go (click to enlarge):

By the way, the images have of course been taken with my M9-P and Summilux M 50 ASPH wide open.

For further information about Snapseed visit Niks website (German page here).

Have a nice weekend and go out and shoot!