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Be healthy, be happy, be vegan!

It is everything about the little day to day choices you make in life, it can be so easy but on the other hand so difficult as well as we are bombarded with wrong money driven influences around us so that its hard to resist, but YOU CAN DO IT if you decide for a better you and a better world !

BREAKFAST – breakfast, to break the fast, as you sleep you fast and therefore sleeiping = fasting = healing your body. It is a good common practice to prolong your fast for some hours after waking up to give the body more time to heal and you are also more clear in your mind as the blood does not need to go right away into your stomache and intestinse to digest a big heavy meal. I tent to break my fast with a juice in the morning, even green or fruit juice – the more bitter the better !

LUNCH – as first meal some juicy fruits are preferrable. Personally I like papayas and mangos a lot but also try to go local and seasonal for my fruit choices. In the winter time you could also use some fruit delivery service, they tend to go more and more popular here in Europe as well.

DINNER – just go for the colors of the rainbow! A big salat with a lot of pigmented vegtables. Now in the winter time during citris fruit season you can combine well some oranges or grapefruits within your salat, this digests also pretty well.

So go make your choises for a healthier lifestyle and be sure to acknowledge why you do this – its for you, for your health and for all the others around you, because if you are happy the others are as well. Be healthy, be happy, be vegan !