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Leica M9 OOC JPEG compressed by JPEGmini


today in the morning I did my daily checks on the latest news on my iPhone beside drinking my coffee. On Twitter I read about the JPEGmini compression. As their websites states it compresses your JPEGs in a way of not loosing any quality but reducing the file size up to 5 times. So I sent me a reminder to check it in the afternoon after work. I grabbed an OOC JPEG from my last shoot with the Leica M9-P and uploaded it to their web application. It worked pretty fast.

The result:

Original file size: 4,8 MB, JPEGmini file size: 863 KB – sound amazing.

But what about the quality. I will let judge yourself. Here a comparison crop:

Here the full resolution files as well (click them to enlarge):


JPEGmini compressed:

As I was uploading the 2 above images to the blog the main advantage in web use demonstrated itself though we have ultra fast bandwidthes on both wired and wireless the more.