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Leica M9-P

Hello Internet,

as I have been at the Digitalstore in Vienna to pick up my Summilux 50 and seen there the brand new Leica M9-P in black I already knew I will have to buy this wonderful masterpiece from Germany. So immediately as monday arrived I waited until the store opens and called there and asked if they still have the camera and it has still been available. I told them to reserve it and that I will pick it up on wednesday.

I could not await to get in the store and as I have been there they were very friendly. I brought along my Summilux to take a few test shots right there and we checked them on their laptop. Everything was perfect. I spent about 2 hours there and got coffee and so on.

Arrived at home I unpacked everything and prepared to take a few shots out in the garden. As I checked the files on my laptop I could not believe what wonderful images this camera produces. The M9-P in combination with the Summilux gives you rich colorful kind of 3D rendered results. Let me share some of them with you at the end of the post.

The M9-P is delivered with firmware 1.138 so I updated to the latest version today. Worked like a charm:

So now 1.162 is on and the camera is prepared for tomorrow for a shoot.

Enjoy the remaining weekend!

ISO 160 – f1.4 – 1/750

ISO 160 – f1.4 – 1/250

ISO 160 – f1.4 – 1/180

ISO 160 – f2 – 1/350

ISO 160 – f1.4 – 1/1500

ISO 160 – f1.4 – 1/750

ISO 160 – f2 – 1/750

ISO 160 – f1.4 – 1/3000

ISO 160 – f1.4 – 1/3000

ISO 160 – f1.4 – 1/750

And now some converted to BW using Silver Efex Pro 2. The Digitalstore handed me out a copy for FREE! Thanks a lot!

Visit also my Flickr Stream for more M9-P images.

Let me share as well a full resolution OOC file with you: