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Leica Summilux M 1.4/50 ASPH


after I decided to get the new Leica Summilux M 1.4/50 ASPH I went to the Leica Store in Vienna and asked for it. As known they told me I will be put on a waiting list and I should be aware to wait several month until I ll get it.

Googling all other camera sites brought me to the Digital Store Vienna and as I called there the very kind sales man told me I can get one within one week or so. And indeed after 7 days I received a call that the lens is waiting for me in their store.

I was kind of very happy and am a proud owner of this super performing lens.

At the moment I am using it on my M8 I now own for about 1/2 a year. There is a little bit of back-focusing.

I also asked there if they already have the new black M9-P and they had one! This camera looks that much incredibly amazing!



M8 Summilux M 1.4/50 ASPH – 1/180 – ISO 160 – f1.4