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Upcoming Leica Announcement – M9 SD Card Problems (new Firmware coming) – Lightroom 4

Hello Internet,

just want to keep you updated with some Leica news going on – hot stuff will happen this year in the new camera announcement section from Solms. Today Leica sent out invitations for an event happening in Berlin on May 10th (11th). The date could indicate the M10, but there might be the X2 and/or a completely new camera as well. We will see what we will get to put our savings on ;-)

Some time ago I reported you about the SD card read problem (read the full story here). Well it happened again. Shooting and everything (including reviewing) without problems, but as soon as I put the card into the reader it was not mountable. Disk Drill did the job again and saved my pictures.

So I called today Leica in Solms and asked about the problem. They told me that they are aware of it. The recommendation was not to use cards higher than class 4 until in short time a new M9 firmware will be released that will solve the problem (about April/May). I will try to get a class 4 card until then, but …

The other good news is if you have an unused license key from your Leica camera purchase it is now eligible for Lightroom 4. On the download page in the customer section on Leica’s site just enter your tan. The serial number will be emailed immediately to you. Converting the LR3 catalog went without any problems, in fact a new one has been created including the preview pictures as well. LR4 includes new camera/lens profiles.

It offers me on each picture an exclamation mark icon to apply the new process technology. Below I will give you a sample of an M9 image (old and new technology, no other tweaks applied).

Already looking forward to the announcements in May.


Click them to see a larger version.

Right after import – old style.

Right after import – new process technology applied.