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Circle of Fifth (function, transpose, Skrjabin colors, more)


today let me share the circle of fifth I have photoshopped having the following features:

  1. The colors of the single keys are taken from Skrjabin
  2. You can print out the circle 3 times and cut 2 smaller circles out where you see the little scissors, then you layer them together with some kind of pin in the center
  3. The middle rotating wheel will then show you the diatonic functions including secondary dominants. For that just rotate the „I MAJ7“ to the key you want to analyze.
  4. The smallest circle can be used to transpose. For that just rotate the target key below the source key on the outer circle
  5. Some progressions and modulation information can be found in the middle of the circle


Hope you enjoy the circle! Lets now play some music!