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New Color Efex Pro 4

Hi everybody,

as I am a huge fan of NIKs Silver Efex Pro 2 I downloaded the new demo of Color Efex Pro 4. There are 2 versions, one with all the filters and one with a reduced amount of them. You can download the demo here. It can be used for 15 days with the full range of functions.

Let me highlight some of the new features:

– Filter combinations
– Visual presets
– Filter recipes
– History Browser
– 8 new and 10 improved filters

You can use control points to do selective changes within a filter.

Click on the samples to view them in full resolution.

Side note:
One thing I really dislike on Silver Efex Pro 2 is not an issue in Color Efex Pro 4. If you are using Lightroom and use the „edit in“ feature your tags on the new file are getting totally messed up. You have new tags – like cut combinations of the ones you used – and have to remove them from Lightroom. I hope NIK is solving this soon.