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Leica M Monochrom – MM

Hello all together!

It has been a while since I posted last time here. Have been really busy at work, but you have to work a lot to buy Leica gear ;-) My order for the M Monochrom has been set shortly after the announcement this year and finally about two weeks ago my trusty Leica dealer Mr. Werle called me that the desired object has arrived in Vienna. The Digitalstore (located Stiftgasse) is photographers heaven in the middle of Austria’s capitol.  They recently opened  a dedicated Leica Boutique in-store. The event for that has been great, a lot of special offers and of course coffee and cake.

M Monochrom

The day I picked up the camera it was late arriving at home. So I just checked everything – I believed – and took some test shots of my cat. The next day my niece came over for a visit so I put the battery into the charger prior to that. BUT THE LEDs STAYED DARK. I tried several outlets and a different cable. Nothing. Assuming only the LEDs are defect I put the battery after about an hour and a half into the camera. Again nothing. It turned out the battery packed into the box was indeed not able to charge in any way. Mr. Werle immediately replaced it. But all together a very frustrating situation!

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Visiting „Schlosspark Laxenburg“ with the Leica M9-P and Summilux 50 1.4 ASPH

Hello Internet,

last saturday we visited the the Schlosspark in Laxenburg in Austria. It has been very sunny and therefore a LOT of people had the same plan to do so. It is always a pleasure to be there for a walk and to see how nice nature is.

I took along my Leica M9-P. Instead of gathering attention as you would with a big chunky DSLR you are for true on a stealthy picture taking mission. In the shadowed places of the park it comes in very handy to be able to open the aperture up to 1.4 to keep your shutter speeds fast. So let me show you some of the images I took. Hope you enjoy them.

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