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Leica M9 OOC B&W JPEGs – Golden Hour

Hello Internet,

today just a „quick&dirty“ post. Just grabbed my M9-P and set it to render JPEGs in black and white. Let me show you some of the pictures. They have not been touched at all and are straight from the camera. Resized to 1600 px using Capture One. Click them to enlarge. I hope you enjoy them.

Are you exited for the upcoming Leica event this week? I am definitely!

Have a nice evening,

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LEICA Viewfinder Magnifier M 1.4x

Hello Internet,

my latest Leica purchase is the Viewfinder Magnifier M 1.4x. I hesitated a bit buying it but finally am very happy to have it now. Its a bit pricy – comes in for about € 250,–. Also I have not been sure if you see the 50mm frame lines, but after using it for some time I can tell you see them if you push your eye close enough to the viewfinder.

From the point of usability it is a thumbs up from my side. The rangefinder patch is much better to see and focusing speeded up.

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Visiting „Schlosspark Laxenburg“ with the Leica M9-P and Summilux 50 1.4 ASPH

Hello Internet,

last saturday we visited the the Schlosspark in Laxenburg in Austria. It has been very sunny and therefore a LOT of people had the same plan to do so. It is always a pleasure to be there for a walk and to see how nice nature is.

I took along my Leica M9-P. Instead of gathering attention as you would with a big chunky DSLR you are for true on a stealthy picture taking mission. In the shadowed places of the park it comes in very handy to be able to open the aperture up to 1.4 to keep your shutter speeds fast. So let me show you some of the images I took. Hope you enjoy them.

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Upcoming Leica Announcement – M9 SD Card Problems (new Firmware coming) – Lightroom 4

Hello Internet,

just want to keep you updated with some Leica news going on – hot stuff will happen this year in the new camera announcement section from Solms. Today Leica sent out invitations for an event happening in Berlin on May 10th (11th). The date could indicate the M10, but there might be the X2 and/or a completely new camera as well. We will see what we will get to put our savings on ;-)

Some time ago I reported you about the SD card read problem (read the full story here). Well it happened again. Shooting and everything (including reviewing) without problems, but as soon as I put the card into the reader it was not mountable. Disk Drill did the job again and saved my pictures.

So I called today Leica in Solms and asked about the problem. They told me that they are aware of it. The recommendation was not to use cards higher than class 4 until in short time a new M9 firmware will be released that will solve the problem (about April/May). I will try to get a class 4 card until then, but …

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Nik Software – Snapseed for Mac

Hello Internet,

how are you all? Its weekend again and today I want to write shortly about Snapseed for Mac from Nik Software. You might already know the application from your iPhone/iPad. Its very intuitive and easy to use on the iOS platform with a touch of your fingers. So is the experience on the computer as well – basically the same user interface.

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Data Restore after SD Card Read Problems

Hello Internet,

some days ago I have been out shooting with my M9-P (latest firmware installed). I used the following SD card:

SanDisk Extreme HD Video – 8 GB

I have never had any problems using this card on any firmware with my M9. Everything worked like a charm until this time. After the shoot reviewing the pictures on the camera was fine. I went to my Mac Book Pro and inserted the card into my external USB card reader device and nothing happened. Well the indicator LEDs on the card reader blinked but nothing else. Several remove/reinsert and unplug/replug actions have been without any result. So I put the card back to the camera and it could not read it either. What to do now?

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