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Leica M9 Firmware Update 1.174 and Silver Efex Pro 2 Update

Hello Internet,

it has been a while since I entered my last post. I have been more or less busy. As you guys for sure already know Leica released a new Firmware for the M9 / M9-P. The current version is 1.174 – it is intended to solve problems with some SD cards though some say it is not solving all of them.

Click here to go to the Leica website to download the instructions and the update. (German page)

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New Color Efex Pro 4

Hi everybody,

as I am a huge fan of NIKs Silver Efex Pro 2 I downloaded the new demo of Color Efex Pro 4. There are 2 versions, one with all the filters and one with a reduced amount of them. You can download the demo here. It can be used for 15 days with the full range of functions.

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DNG to Lightroom to Silver Efex Pro 2


just updated to version 3.5 of Lightroom (new CameraRAW 6.5 with support for about 20 new models and some bug fixes).

In this post I want to give you 3 versions of the same image:

1. OOC JPEG from Leica M9
2. LR3 JPEG export (from DNG) after some adjustments
3. Black and White conversion done with Silver Efex Pro 2

So here they are: (click them to see the full size version)
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Hi everybody,

as we have a photo exhibition next month in my home town as well the sun was shining I decided to drive a quick tour to some locations nearby to shoot with the M9-P. The more I have seen in the WordPress statistics that the article with OOC files is very popular – so I decided to post a few more of them.

Just click on the pictures below to get the full OOC JPEG.

Find as well links to the compressed (zip) DNG raw files. If you download them be aware that each file has about 12MB in size. Have fun post-processing them and if you like send the result to me.

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Leica M9 Black and White OOC JPEG Examples

Hello Internet,

today could be one of the last „summer days“ this year. All day it has been pretty sunny and nice outside. After I returned from a visit at a local event in my hometown I decided to put my M9-P and go outside to capture some pictures, but this time I set the camera to capture DNG and Black and White Jpegs. This combination is pretty cool as you get both – RAW color and Jpeg B&W.  Let me share some of them with you.

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Leica M9 OOC JPEG compressed by JPEGmini


today in the morning I did my daily checks on the latest news on my iPhone beside drinking my coffee. On Twitter I read about the JPEGmini compression. As their websites states it compresses your JPEGs in a way of not loosing any quality but reducing the file size up to 5 times. So I sent me a reminder to check it in the afternoon after work. I grabbed an OOC JPEG from my last shoot with the Leica M9-P and uploaded it to their web application. It worked pretty fast.

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Leica M9-P OOC Files

Let me just share some Leica M9-P OOC Jpegs with you. Just click to see in full size. Greetings, Picki